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Places To Visit In Ajmer

Pilgrimage in Paradise

Introduction to the Holy City

Dargah Of Khwaja Garib Nawaz  
Dargah Ajmer the city where the Dargah of the Great Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti stands, is a sacred center of pilgrimage. Hallowed by the memories of the great seer, Ajmer has earned the epithet of “ Madinatul Hind or the Madina of India”. Devotees of all sects and faiths come here as the saint’s blessings are infallible for all.Each year, the followers of the master congregate here from all parts of the world on the occasion of the annual festival of Urs to pay their obeisance to seek the Saint’s blessings for fulfillment of wishes.
Anasagar It is an artificial lake named after Anaji Chauhan. The catchments were built with the help of local populace. The 'Baradari' pavilions was built by Shah Jahan, to facilitate his long stays in Ajmer. the Baradari and the adjoining parks are the lungs of city and favorite outing spot.
Nasiyan (Red) Temple  
Nasiyan The red temple is a Digambar Jain temple which has a double- story hall adjacent to the main temple. The hall displays a series of large gold plated wooden figures depicting legends from Jain mythology. The entire hall is richly adorned by glass mosaic, precious stones, gold and silver work. The place is also popularly called Soni Ji Ki Nasiyan.
SALEMABAD (NIMBARK PEETH) Bhati chief of Khejarli Shri Sheoji and Gopal Singh Ji Bhati founded this Peeth in 1520 (1463 A.D.) following instructions of his holiness Shri Nimbarkacharya Peethadhishwara Shri Parashu Ram-Devacharya Ji. The temple has been so designed that the Deity is visible for darshan the moment one enters the main gate.the Sanctum Sanctorum has been built in a way that the moonlight of the moon of Sharad Poornima touches the lotus feet of the idol of the Lord at 12.00 pm.In to Jagmohan of the main temple the pillars of marble are exquisitely ornamental and their middle part is transparent. This wide spreading castle like temple is built on 42 thousand square feet land.
Taragarh Fort  
Taragarh The giant fort stands guarding the city. It has six gates. The fort also has Miran Saheb ki Dargah who was the governor of the fort and laid down his life in an encounter. It gives a panoramic view of the city situated in Nagpahari of Aravalli ranges, this fort has immense archaeological and historical importance.
Adhai-Din Ka Jhonpra  
Adhai din ka jhonpara This is a masterpiece of Indo - Islamic architecture. As legend goes its was constructed in two and a-half days (Adhai-Din). It is a relic of an old mosque consisting of a quadrangle with a front screen wall of seven pointed arches. The distinct pillars and arched screen with its ruined minarets make it a splendid architectural masterpiece.
Ajmer Museum (Magazine/ Akbar Fort)  
Museum This Government Museum is situated inside the Akbar’s fort in Ajmer, also known as Magazine. It was established in Oct. 1908 under the initiative of Lord Curzon and Sir John Marshall, the then Director General of Archaeology in India. Later on developed by its first Superintendent, Pandit Gaurishankar Heerachand Ojha. The aim of which is to focus the cultural heritage of the region through its exhibits. The museum primarily consist of Sculptures, inscriptions, pre-historic section, miniature paintings, arms and armor and objects of art and crafts.
Nareli 10 Km's away from Ajmer, on a hill. It is a multipurpose Kshetra. At this place, number of temples Trimurti, Nandishwar, Sahastrakoot, Trikal Chowbisi temples are proposed. In addition to above. Manasthamba, Santshala, School, Aushadhalaya, Dharamshala and old age home will be established. This Pilgrimage has come into existence due to blessings of 108 Muni Sudha Sagar, disciple of Acharya Vidya Sagar in the Year 1994.