Pushkar Fair 2015

Spectrum of Faith and Culture

Smt. Vasundhara Raje
Hon'ble Chief Minister Rajasthan

Accommodation in Pushkar

Pilgrimage in Paradise

Pushkar Accommodation Facilities

During the special occasion of the Pushkar Fair, accommodation is arranged in special tented accommodation in a tourist village, which is self-sufficient and specially designed to complement the natural beauty of the site.

It has a coffee shop and dining hall that can cater to 1,500 guests at a time.The village is arranged on blocks of tents, each with its own identity, named after the famous dances of Rajasthan. The village also has huts with attached western style toilets and running water.

It can sometimes be difficult to find accommodation in Pushkar, especially if you arrive late in the day.

Most hotels are nothing fancy, but they are generally clean and freshly white-washed. You should ask to see a few rooms before deciding, as many have a cell-like atmosphere owing to the tiny or non-existent windows. The mosquitoes can be a real nuisance here, so come armed with insect repellent. Be warned that most hotels tariffs skyrocket during the Camel fair, when demand for rooms is exceptionally high.